Saturday, 7 April 2018

And to solve batterie issues we install a wind generator besides the solar panels,,,
Nearly working😎😎
To start again we attack technical issues like the switchboard,,

After Guatemala and a lot of preparation Malubemae finally sailed
towards Suez, not getting any further than Honduras due to unforeseen technical issues,,,,, 
If you know anything about boats you'll know about them,
So after this setback we managed to get back on the water,,
only like 2 years later, but still we are back for new adventures,,
Before we sailed worlds nicest spots with Malubemae, well that's changed a bit,,,
you will now see these posts from aboard Tintamarre, at the moment being prepared in Gruissan.Fr
That's her without the latest updates which you will soon find here,
Hi everybody,
it's been a while😎but I am back,,,,

Monday, 1 June 2015

Hello everybody, Malubemae is on the Rio Dulce,
we have reached the bridge over the river which at the same time is a border control point.
There are not too many boats here, but still enough boaties to talk to.
A lot are out of the water already, so everybody has repairs to do just like us, I will 
put the boat on the dry as well, just don't know when yet,
have to find the spare parts for the repairs maybe first!

very strange sailing after months at sea

Monday, 30 March 2015

New Update, 30/3/15
New crew partially, Ollie still there, Joost new, dutch,
and Elif, turkish, our new grand cook!
Now in BVI's on our way to Haiti, Ile a Vache, and on to Cuba.
No good enough internet to add photos, sorry, later